Doctor Talking to Boy in Wheelchair


The Medsupply Sales Group was started in 1995 and has over 50 years experience. We have become an integrated and valued force in the Canadian home healthcare and rehab market.   As a manufacturer’s representative, our sales team represents our supplier’s products through product education, presence, and successful relationships.   MedSupply integrates itself effectively with clinicians, medical professionals, and home healthcare providers to increase sales, product awareness and education.

The Medsupply Team have been educated and trained in the following areas:

  • Fall and Injury Prevention

  • Ambulatory Aids

  • Mobility

  • Bathroom Safety

  • Seating and Positioning 

  • Surfacing

  • Sports Medicine

  • Wound Care

Mesdsupply’s unique combination of training, experience and diversification offers clients a dependable and knowledgeable resource to draw from.